An Incredible Javascript Event Calendar

Demo Version

The purpose of the demo is to allow you install the calendar on your website and make sure the calendar fits your needs before purchasing the full version. The demo version will only support events in the first ten days of the month.

The only difference between the demo version and the full version is the license key. Adding the correct license key to the demo version of the software instantly upgrades it to the full version. You will be granted a license key during the purchase process by this website. You can immediately insert the license key into the demo version and it becomes the full version. Therefore, you can test and develope the demo version and only when you are satisfied do you need to come back for the license key.

Please make sure you read and agree to the Software License Agreement.

For details on installation, please visit the How to Install FAQ.

Please follow this link to purchase the the full version of the calendar.

Please supply your email address below and the ScriptCalendar Demo version will be emailed to you at that address. does not and will not release yor email address to third parties.

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